The Lockdown Shift

'I've a concert to go to on Friday' 'I've tickets for a play on Saturday' 'I've that movie to watch next week' That was my life, pre-Covid. I loved it and enjoyed every bit of it. It's interesting how I, that very same person no longer feels even the slightest urge to step out anymore. This sense of feeling content has enriched me as a person. I find myself being far more productive, far more creative and so much more focussed. In Vedanta, there's a term called 'Vikshepa', which means 'lack of focus' or 'restlessness'. Life's distractions keep us from journeying ahead on our spiritual path. To overcome 'Vikshepa', and attain 'Chitta-Ekagrata' (one-pointedness), one is advised to follow certain steps, on the lines of 'Bhakti Yoga'. This lockdown has hugely inspired me to cut the incessant chatter in my head, thanks to the reduction of external noise. Being 'focussed' has brou